YouLeaders: the training program that gives voice to young people’s ideas

YouLeaders: the training program that gives voice to young people’s ideas

As part of the YouLeaders project, the youth leadership training program, which took place from February to May 2024 and involved students and teachers from Euroform (Trapani) – Vocational School of Trades, has come to an end.

Selected and co-funded by the Erasmus+ program, YouLeaders is a project coordinated by the Foundation that promotes the sustainable development of local communities through a training programme aimed at empowering young people from rural and geographically isolated areas.

The training program is addressed at boys and girls aged 14 to 19 from rural and geographically marginalized areas of Sicily (Italy), Galicia (Spain), and the Leiria Region (Portugal), with fewer educational and professional growth opportunities. In Italy, 30 students from the Euroform Trapani school participated in the program. The entire experience and the lessons learned during the course will be shared in Brussels from June 30 to July 2 during in Hackathon Days, during which delegations of young people involved in the project from different partner countries will meet to enhance the impact of their ideas.

The capacity building course

The most innovative aspect of the project is the Capacity Building course and the processes involved in its development and implementation. In 2023, in the province of Trapani, about 27 students were involved in mapping the needs and vulnerabilities of rural areas through focus groups, after which teachers had the opportunity to discuss methods of promoting active youth citizenship and contribute to the construction phases of the syllabus and the training platform.

Developed in a hybrid mode (online and in-person meetings), the course allowed the young participants to tackle fundamental themes for driving change in their communities: theory of change and design thinking, entrepreneurship and soft skills, new technologies and artificial intelligence, gender equality, and sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Ideas and projects of young leaders

With the support of teachers and facilitators, groups of 4-5 students transformed their ideas into proposals by working on social innovation projects. Some of the main proposals were presented by the young leaders themselves in short videos.

Women Tech – Technology on the side of women. The project uses artificial intelligence to combat femicide and support women in difficulty through an ‘unsuspectable’ app that offers immediate assistance and psychological support programs.

CertUp – Upgrade your skills. The project guides young people towards a better professional future by aggregating training opportunities online that can facilitate their entry into the labor market.

Rooms. The project aims to combat bullying and promote the well-being of young people in schools by creating rooms and services dedicated to expressing emotions, such as Anger Rooms and Relaxation Rooms.

The proposals were evaluated by the Scientific Committee of Link Campus University (LCU), and in the coming months, the young leaders of the proposals will receive expert advice on how to carry forward their ideas. “Beyond their feasibility and the varying levels of detail designed, we believe all the proposals have strong emotional power and address issues of great social relevance,” says Valentina Volpi, teacher and researcher at LCU. “Although the road will be long, and some of these projects will likely change shape over time, we are sure that the young leaders involved have acquired and enhanced transversal skills useful for their personal, educational, and professional development, as well as for that of their community.”

About the project

YouLeaders is a project selected and co-funded by the Erasmus+ program and the Italian National Youth Agency under key action 2 – Cooperation partnerships in Youth. The project is coordinated by the Agrigento and Trapani Community Foundation in partnership with Link Campus University (Italy), LUG Open Factory (Spain), Fundación Galicia Europa (Spain), Cáritas Portuguesa (Portugal), and Rosto Solidário (Portugal).

If you want to continue following the project’s activities, read the project sheet, visit the project website, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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