3 countries
90 young women and men

In n. 3 south-western European countries (Italy, Spain and Portugal), n. 90 young women and men aged between 14 and 19 will be involved in a hybrid Capacity building learning path (both online and with face-to-face) that will allow them to acquire key competences for their personal, educational and socio-professional development.

The YouLeaders project is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2 “Cooperation partnerships in the youth” with a duration of 24 months.

General objective

The main purpose of YouLeaders is to promote local community development through the role played by youth coming from rural and geographically isolated areas as key agents of sustainable development and social innovation.

The potential of the young women and men involved will be released by guiding them through an innovative and digital learning path (the innovative YouLeaders capacity building course), the creation of workshops based on the topic of youth leadership and finally assigning them mentoring sessions aimed at strengthening their knowledge and skills on social entrepreneurship.

The entire experience and the lessons learned within the YouLeaders project will be shared in a meeting in Brussels (Hackathon Day) to be organized through the participation of a group of young people who will develop the idea with the best social impact. This will contribute to achieve the YouLeaders goal of empowering the potential of the young people involved in order to let them become social innovators, leaders and the agents of change for inclusive and sustainable communities.

YouLeaders Capacity-building course

The most innovative element of the project is represented by the YouLeaders capacity building hybrid course that will be attended by the selected young people coming from Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Through a committed working group composed by a consortium of n. 6 organisations and institutions from Italy, Spain and Portugal and a selected team of tutors specialized in the education and vocational training sector, n. 30 young people per country will be selected to participate in an innovative capacity building course whose final goal is to promote the most innovative ideas in terms of social impact in order to foster youth sense of initiative and social entrepreneurship.

The main contents of the course include:

Introductory module based on “soft” and leadership skills, aimed at youth personal and socio-professional development;

Sectorial modules such as Social Innovation, Gender Equity, Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030), Digital Skills, Circular Tourism, Social Entrepreneurship and Climate Change.

The course is conceived and co-designed by and for young people and will have a multiplier effect in the countries involved at local, national and European level with the involvement of civil society organisations, experts in the key areas of the course, political representatives and other relevant stakeholders.
The entire program includes both the development of online and face-to-face training and workshops.
All the resources and materials developed will be then made available through the creation of an online web platform accessible as ‘open educational resources’, representing the culminating momentum of the learning experience inside the YouLeaders project.

A syllabus

A syllabus, a methodological guide realized by the project partners with the aim of illustrating the approach used in the YouLeaders activities’ development: co-creation of resources, bottom-up approach and co-identification of needs and challenges in the education and entrepreneurial fields, at local level


Contents development of the YouLeaders capacity building course composed by n. 7 thematic modules as Social Innovation, Gender Equity, Sustainable Development Goals, Digital Skills, Climate Change, Circular Tourism and Social Entrepreneurship


Training the facilitators guide and course, who will facilitate the YouLeaders activities to the young participants in the learning path


Implementation of the innovative Capacity building course, based on online and face-to-face sessions and workshops which will provide ‘soft’ and sectorial skills to n. 90 young women and men


Multiplier events organized at local level in Italy, Spain and Portugal, which will disseminate the results and progresses achieved within the YouLeaders project, highlighting the replicability features and successful good practices

Peer learning

Peer learning event in Brussels (Hackathon day) addressed both to the facilitators who took part in the YouLeaders experience and to the young women and men, whose ideas and proposals on social entrepreneurship are awarded for the highest social impact


Individual mentoring session will be assigned to n. 5 young people per country with the aim of rewarding the knowledge and skills acquired by them during the YouLeaders course

Final event

Final event to be organized in Trapani where delegations of the European Union, partners’ members of the project, a representation of the tutors and the young beneficiaries of the project will take part in the dissemination of the results and objectives achieved within the YouLeaders project.


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